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Our Values

On the farm you’ll find over 35 varieties of fruits and vegetables and 30 varieties of flowers - even the occasional dozen eggs from our happy flock of hens. What you won’t find are chemicals, pesticides, or GMO seeds anywhere on the property. Our plants are fed by the best compost tea, and we keep things as natural as possible. We believe that produce has been delicious for thousands of years without much intervention from humans and there’s no need to spoil it now.


We consider ourselves lucky to be able to nourish our community and look forward to seeing you soon.


About Our Farmer


"For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to garden and dreamed of having my own farm. I grew up in a loud and loving family, with my grandfather, an Italian immigrant raised on his family’s farm south of Rome, at the helm. From an early age, he instilled a love of growing our own food in both my father and myself; his backyard was filled with the most delicious tomatoes, peppers, greens and herbs you’ve ever tasted.


Shortly after he passed in 1992, a red cardinal began to visit our backyard that I’d never seen before. Instantly, I knew it was him, coming to watch over my family and I.


Flash forward to 2019, when the opportunity to purchase a 40 acre plot of land minutes down the road from our home in Petoskey, a community that we’ve grown to love over the last 20 years, presented itself. It felt like fate. And when it came time to name the farm, there was only one option: honor the grandfather who taught me everything I know about loving the land and growing well."

- Lauren

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