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Organic Eggs

Meet The Team

The stars of our farm are, of course, our fabulous hens! We have a total of 10 now, Lydia, Mamie, Alma, Martha, Maple, Sugar, Beatrice, and Bernadette along with 2 of the originals, Willie and Marge. But it all wouldn't be possible without our humble, four legged farmhand, Steve. Read on to learn more about life at Red Cardinal!

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Henny is our literal "mama hen." The largest and friendliest lady, Henny just wants to spend her days looking after the babies, keeping a careful watch over the brood, and snuggling her human pals. She is a Buff Orpington and lays light brown eggs. Named for our farmer's mother, she is the leader of our coop. A spot constantly being challenged by Jeanne.                                             

RIP 7/1/2023.


Jeanne, Jeanne, the beauty queen. Don't let her size fool you... she may be our smallest gal, but is certainly our feistiest! She has no problem letting everyone know when she's feeling sassy, which is 98% of the time. A seasoned treat thief and trouble maker, Jeanne is always up to something. Named for our farmer's mother-in-law, she is a Leghorn who lays white eggs.

RIP 1/13/2024



One of our shier girls, Flo prefers to keep to herself, or at the side of her best pal, Willie. Flo is our resident forager... always looking for something! Named for our farmer's grandmother-in-law, you can always count on Flo to hunt down the good treats! She's a Barred Rock who lays light brown eggs.



Marge is sweet, friendly, and likes everyone, especially our farmer... she barely leaves her side! Most days she's sociable with the others, but she definitely has her days where she prefers to be more aloof. Named for a beloved aunt, Marge just likes to keep the peace. She's a Cuckoo Maran, and lays dark chocolate brown eggs.



Willie is by far our sweetest gal. Named for our farmer's aunt, Willie is as gentle as can be. Because she's at the bottom of the pecking order, she mainly spends her time alone or with her best pal, Flo. Docile and shy, Willie is the last of the flock to ruffle any feathers.


Our lovable working dog. Even at 14 years old, Jake is our farmer's reliable right hand man. He loves to help out with herding the chickens, thanks to his Border Collie and Australian Shepherd genes. When he's not working (or stealing beans from the harvest basket),  you can find him glued to Lauren's side both on and off the fields. The two are inseparable! RIP 5/30/22



Red Cardinal Farm's unofficial mascot, Steve is a 12 year old yellow lab who isn't much for farm duties... or any duties, really. An extremely lovable oaf, Steve likes to spend his days napping in the sun and greeting customers. He loves jerky treats, belly rubs, and new friends.

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